100 pics 10 months 1 life

Logar Province, Afghanistan August 1988 © Jørn Stjerneklar

I am sorry, but this is my best selling photo, ever, by far. Period. I even have to write © in this copy because it will be misused, stolen, on the web. I constantly have to write people to stop the theft or pay for the use. And it is such a stupid picture. One I had to take on request by the mujaheddin commander with whom we had spend 10 days inside the war torn country.
He wanted the two VIP's to pose with guns. So I pressed the shutter.

Who knew?

The guy with the AK47 is the current Prime Minister of Denmark. Before that position he had a couple of other ministries as his portfolio. So the picture has sold frequently over many years. And after the Danish people made a collective decision to become No. 1 Islam haters in Europe (OK, The Netherlands is a contender as well), the picture has been used as a proof to show the Prime Minister as a Taleban Lover, a Hallal Hippie, a Terrorist, etc..........

He was in Afghanistan to do some research on supporting two schools with books, blackboards, pencils, in Kolangar, a village of 10.000 people. At that time the Red Army was still occupying the country and the Danish communist's had no complains over the imperialists from the Motherland killing millions of people. But we were a few who was fed up with the double standards often found on the political poles, that being left or right. So off we went to do something. In Afghanistan.

For me the photo just tells what a lousy picture maker I am, when this is Number One sell in my career!

But as promised in May I would show some more of the defining moments in my professional life. And this is certainly one of those moments.