100 pics 10 months 1 life

Bwejuu, Zanzibar July 1991 © Jørn Stjerneklar

Not a word about Christmas. Or a single picture regarding this overrated event. I don't celebrate x-mas - actually I dislike it as much as I dislike a windy, cold, rainy, day in Copenhagen. When I started out on this exhibition I had no intentions of having a new theme every month. This will be the last month with a special theme. Next year I will go back to basics and just put out pics I like without squeezing them into a certain context.
But I will dedicate this last month of the year to B/W photographs. When I started out as a pro I had two cameras. One loaded with Tri-X and one with Kodachrome and later Fuji's Provia. So I had to decide on the spot which motive should be shot in colour and which in B/W. In a way it was a challenge. Today you just shoot and fix the saturation in Photoshop. Of course there were some outside factors which had an impact on your decision. If I had to send the photographs within a short deadline to the newspapers using my old drum transmitter, it had to be B/W. But for glossy magazines with a deadline a month away the choice was yours. Most of the time I had to see the world in black and white. I know it is a popular thing to look at the life like that if you are on the extreme right or left on the political spectre, nothing new there, but for a photographer it had another meaning. Or at least for most of us.
This boy harvesting millet is shot on a Tri-X with my Leica M6. I do miss my Leica by the way. But the new Leica M9 is ridiculously overpriced and not a camera to invest in for a poor freelancer like me. Did you hear that, you Leica guys?