100 pics 10 months 1 life

Hout Bay, South Africa June 2009 © Jørn Stjerneklar

I will not show a single B&W photograph this month, I promise. It's summer in SA, it's time for life. Colours and contrast. Street photography. I don't shoot too many pictures in the streets anymore. I like the discipline, though. Just grab your camera and walk the walk. See what happens and come back home with at least one decent shot per hour spend walking the streets. This is from such a venture. My youngest son wanted to do some shooting on a Sunday. We walked down to the harbour here in Hout Bay. A real working place with a couple of factories (SHIT! They smell sometimes....) lots of fishermen and their boats. Tourists, even in winter, and the odd penguin or seal swimming by. This picture was the best of the hour. Colourful and made in that instant you have in the street (1/60). November is street photography month. I will keep it simple. Why not?