100 pics 10 months 1 life

Svendborg, Denmark September 1984 © Jørn Stjerneklar

September was bad almost from day one. On the second day of the month a friend called and told one of our old common friends had killed himself the day before. For me he was not just an old friend, but a colleague, former business partner and a mentor in many aspects of photography as well of other parts of life.

So I have decided to dedicate September's pictures to him. As a homage to life.

And what better place to start than birth? This is the moment from where we basically all are on our own. The umbilical cord is cut and the only real connection to another human being you will ever get in your life is not any more. But it is a happy moment. For the parents at least. This boy was screaming from he entered the world. He continued to do that for four months! I know, it's my oldest son. We fortunately didn't know of all the sleepless nights at this time in the evening of September 26. Then he would have been adopted by some unsuspecting people. I am not kidding you.

We have to live our lives as best we can. It is not always easy, but to my best knowledge it's the only life we will ever have. So let me get down to business.