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Rustenburg, South Africa June 2010 © Jørn Stjerneklar

The World Cup is on full speed at the moment. It has been a great experience all the way through. One big party. It has been so successful that the Western media had to look long and hard to find something negative to write about. But they have managed to find one thing - the Vuvuzela. So now they spend time complaining about a South African plastic horn.

It is hard to be a journalist when things are going well.

I went to watch three games all involving Denmark. This is from their last game on the 24th June in a freezing cold stadium. These guys were so drunk they did not feel the temperatures drop and I doubt that the game (Denmark lost 1-3 to Japan) they looked at was the same I saw.
Because of the big sports event still running I have dedicated this month to sport. As you will see it is not something I have covered a lot - but it is sincere.